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    The volume of bioequivalence studies conducted in Russia has increased for a number of reasons, including:

    • The end of the patent protection of the most popular drugs. Every year, the patent protection of many branded drugs expires, which significantly changes the global pharmaceutical market and creates an impetus for the development of new drugs, new generic drugs;
    • Adoption and implementation of the “Pharma 2020” strategy, which, among other things, stimulates the local production of generics, the creation of market mechanisms to replace imported drugs;
    • Russian legislation: Federal Law No. 61-FZ of 12 April 2010 “On the Circulation of Medicines” provides for the conduct of clinical trials of generics in Russia.

    The network of centers for conducting clinical trials “Medical Technologies” conducts bioequivalence studies on the basis of the Institute of Human Brain RAS (Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science Institute of the Human Brain named after N.P. Bekhtereva of the Russian Academy of Sciences).
    The Center has the equipment and infrastructure to conduct bioequivalence studies in accordance with international standards.

    The company “Medical Technologies” provides the following services in the framework of bioequivalence studies:

    • Clinical Study Subject Recruitment
    • Screening of Clinical Study Subjects
    • Conducting clinical trial procedures
    • Subject remuneration

    The center has a professional team of researchers, medical staff (including doctors and nurses) and research coordinators. Our more than 50 experienced professionals guarantee the provision of all listed services quickly and accurately. We adapt to customer requirements and offer competitive prices.

    The medical staff is experienced in working with electronic data recording systems, electronic CRFs and diaries, and knows our operating procedures very well. We work with all types of researcher archives and record forms, adapt our procedures and forms in accordance with the requirements of the SOPs of customers.

    The team’s experience in conducting bioequivalence studies includes dozens of studies, including previous studies at other centers.

    “Medical Technologies” is your partner in conducting bioequivalence studies.

    The center offers the following benefits:

    • Extensive database of volunteers who have participated at least once in research at our clinical center
    • Recruitment of all study subjects in 2-3 days
    • Rapid Screening of Volunteers
    • Simultaneous hospitalization of all study subjects. The bed fund of the center is 50 beds
    • Well-established work of staff and a well-established procedure for taking blood from volunteers
    • Standardized study conditions
    • Standardized meals for volunteers
    • Payment for the work of volunteers by transferring funds to bank cards
    • Dedicated team of researchers and nurses
    • Availability of data enterers, which allows you to fill out the CRF in the shortest possible time
    • Ability to perform the most complex procedures
    • Examination of research documents at the initial stage of their development
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    Phase (1-3) studies

    Clinical trials in phases one to three test the safety and efficacy of a new drug or treatment.


    To ensure that a generic drug has the same therapeutic effect as the original drug.


    It involves study of phenomena through observation, experimentation and data analysis.

    Ethics Committee

    We acquires ethical approval from its Local Ethics Committee for human participant clinical research.

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