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    February 04 is the World Cancer Day. This event is organized by the Union for International Cancer Control annually. The Day slogan is “We can, I can”. 

    The goal of the Act is to draw public attention towards the issues of combating oncology diseases, to raise the level of awareness of the factors, which may cause diseases. 

    One of «BioEq» objectives is to make its contribution to further facilitate dealing with oncology diseases. Clinical trials in oncology are conducted by the specialized experienced team of the oncology department at «BioEq» , which includes oncologists, anesthesiologists, medical nurses. Pharmaceutical companies produce more and more new medicinal products, which may have a positive impact on disease flow and/or its progression. This way, patients, who would like to participate in such clinical trials and are eligible  to do so according to the key inclusion criteria, may get access to the newest therapies. 

    «BioEq» team believes that we can contribute to the reduction or moderation of the scale of oncology diseases in Russia. 

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