You are welcome to send your RFP, feasibility questionnaire or other request at info@mt.clinic


    Medical Technologies is a purpose built research unit for phase I-IV and bioequivalence trials. Our network of clinical research sites is located in St. Petersburg.

    The sites have the following common infrastructure:

    • Quality Management System
    • LEC
    • External archive
    • Referral network
    • Start-up team (feasibility, agreements, LEC)
    • Trainings
    • Vendors (laboratories, CT, MRI, etc.)

    The following clinical research sites work within Medical Technologies network:

    • Medical Technologies
    • Strategic Medical Systems
    • «BioEq» (currently not working)
    • Institute of Human Brain of the Russian Academy
      of Sciences

    All sites have medical license and clinical study permit. The access to sites network facilities is limited and restricted to Medical Technologies personnel. The buildings meet local planning requirements and health and safety requirement.

    All sites are well euqipped:

    • 12-lead ECG machines
    • Infusion Pumps
    • Spirometer
    • Сold centrifuges, refrigerators from -20 to -80
    • Shelves and fridges for medicine storage
    • Vital Sign machines
    • Pulse oximetry measurements
    • Defibrillator and external pacing device

    The sites can store IP and biological samples at:

    • Refrigerated storage 
    • Low temperature storage (-20ºC, -70ºC, and -80ºC)