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    Welcome to Medical Technologies: Your Reliable Clinical Research Partner in St. Petersburg, Russia

    At Medical Technologies, we understand the importance of controlled and predictable subject recruitment for clinical trials. As the first dedicated network of clinical research units for early and late stage trials, we offer comprehensive solutions to streamline the recruitment process.

    Our Network:

    • Medical Technologies
    • Strategic Medical Systems
    • Institute of Human Brain of the Russian Academy of Sciences

    Infrastructure and Standards:

    Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and adhering to international standards, Medical Technologies ensures the highest quality in clinical trial execution. Our operations are conducted in accordance with our medical license and clinical trials permit (accreditation).

    Our Expertise:

    With a broad range of capabilities, we excel in various aspects of clinical trials, including but not limited to:

    • Phase I-IV studies in main therapeutic areas
    • Phase I studies in patients
    • Scientific research
    • Different modes of administration and dosage forms
    • Bioavailability studies
    • Drug and alcohol interactions
    • Bioequivalence studies
    • Influence of food (fasted/fed)
    • Age and gender considerations
    • Special population studies
    • Phase I studies with healthy volunteers
    • Clamp clinical studies

    Our Team:

    With a dedicated team of investigators, coordinators, and nurses, we possess a deep understanding of clinical trials in accordance with Good Clinical Practice. Our highly qualified site medical staff receives regular training from leading Russian and international medical institutions.

    Expertise in Diverse Areas:

    Medical Technologies collaborates with specialists from various therapeutic areas to support a wide range of clinical trials. From intensive care unit specialists to cardiologists, from oncologists to epidemiologists, our team comprises professionals with specialized knowledge and experience.

    Comprehensive Support:

    To ensure seamless operations, our team of clinical study coordinators handles all administrative activities, allowing researchers to focus on their core work. Together, we are a dedicated group of over 50 professionals working towards advancing medical research.

    Partner with Medical Technologies for reliable and efficient clinical trial solutions. Contact us today to discuss your research needs.