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    Medical Technologies has highly qualified staff, necessary equipment and infrastructure to perform clinical trials in accordance with international standards.

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    Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development reports that in a given trial, 11% of sites fail to enroll a single patient, 37% under-enroll, 39% meet their enrollment targets, and 13% exceed their targets. Medical Technologies, based in St. Petersburg, Russia, was established to provide controlled and predictable subject recruitment for early and late stage clinical trials as the first dedicated network of its kind.

    Our Mission & Values
    "Mission & Values: Our Commitment to Clinical Excellence"

    Medical Technologies is a leading clinical research organization that upholds ethical principles and values the interests of both society and producers in the healthcare industry. With a strong commitment to quality, the company continuously strives to deliver high-level services to its clients and patients.

    At the core of Medical Technologies’ mission is the facilitation of the rapid and quality launch of modern innovative and generic medicines in the Russian market. This is achieved through a comprehensive strategy that involves conducting clinical trials quickly and in compliance with local and international legislation, ensuring high-quality services, becoming a leader in clinical trial infrastructure, and developing the professional competence of the company’s specialists.

    The values of Medical Technologies revolve around the health, well-being, and trust of the patient, the continuing education and development of employees, building long-lasting relationships with clients and producers of medicines, and regular monitoring and improvement of service quality. By upholding these values, Medical Technologies aims to advance healthcare and provide reliable solutions to the industry.

    Advantages of Medical Technologies
    Advantages of Choosing us for Your Clinical Research Needs

    Medical Technologies has extensive experience in conducting clinical research at early and late stages. The team has a proven track record in managing and executing complex clinical trials, including bioequivalence trials, while adhering to ethical principles and local and international regulations. Trust us for high-quality clinical research services.

    Medical Technologies offers:

    • Choice of clinical reseach sites
    • Possibility to open several sites of the network for proven enrollment
    • First feedback about the study and signing of a CDA within 12-24 hours
    • Feasibility completion in the shortest possible time (3-5 business days)
    • Commercial proposal within 3 business days
    • Experienced and dedicated staff 
    • Pull of KOLs to participate as PIs and a clear division of responsibilities within a study team
    • Proven expertise in early phase studies
    • Experience in phase II-III studies
    • Preparation of the unit for the start-up: pre-screening of subjects before the start-up, speedy and high-quality enrollment starting from the first day after the start up
    • Screening within 1-2 days due to a big database of volunteers that is maintained on the ongoing basis
    • High-quality recruitment of patients: established relationship with and an implemented motivation system of referrals, constant management of referrals
    • Prepared project-specific source documentation templates 
    • Annual equipment check, contracts with main vendors
    • Possibility to provide necessary documentation within 12 hours
    • State-of-the-art facilities
    • Implemented quality management system
    • Fast agreement signature process (not longer than 1-2 weeks)
    • LEC review upon request
    • LEC review before MoH approval which helps to speed up site start-up period of the trial
    • Commitment to quality and the principles of Good Clinical Practice and applicable legislation
    • Capacity to carry out multiple, complex, procedurally intensive studies simultaneously
    • Customized solutions in the drug development process and quick response for the queries.

    What is more, we provide stable and predicted enrollment of subject even into clinical trials of early phases. In case of competitive enrollment our sites enroll 2 or 3 times more patients than conventional sites. Several times our sites were global, European and local top enrollers.

    We are interested in long-term relationship with our clients, that is why we try to make all possible efforts to perform clinical trials on time and with great quality.

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    Our medical development includes significant advancements.


    We conduct phases of I to IV clinical trials and bioequivalence.

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    Patient safety and data quality are at the heart of everything we do.

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    We cooperates with leading  pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.


    Medical Technologies operate several institutions specializing in clinical trials.

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    The success of our patient recruitment is guaranteed by our long relationship.

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